I’ve been captivated by Mexico for many years, and have become more and more entranced by it since moving here in January 2017. I have a lot of love for this beautiful, vibrant, multi layered and complex place, which fascinates me from morning to night and sometimes in my dreams.

I have moved between Mexico and England over the last several months, since I took up my place on the MA by research in Women’s Studies at the University of York. My research explores the lived experiences of domestic workers here in Mexico, and it is taking me on a journey of many twists and turns which is an exhilarating and sometimes testing exercise in trust – in the project, in myself and in others.

The intention of this blog is to create a space to write and think not about what is seen every day here, but to consider the swirling mix of history, sociology and culture that swarms beneath the surface, to ask why things came to be how they are. I hope I do justice to the topics I choose to write about.

This is not a political blog in the sense that I aim to analyse the actions and policies of the State and its associated bodies. It may seem a little light, particularly when there are some intensely gritty realities in everyday Mexico. But everything we do is political, and my aim in discussing some of the other realities of Mexico is to add another line to the mainstream narrative we hear, which is so often ugly and one dimensional.

On another note, I also do a lot of art often inspired by Mexico. You can see it here.



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